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About Ozelle Martin, Esq.



  • University of Maryland School of Law, Juris Doctor

  • Florida International University, Master of Science, Mass Communication

  • St. John's University, Bachelor of Science, Legal Studies




  • New Jersey

I’m the Legal Unicorn that you’ve been searching for. You are a creative entrepreneur and I am a creative attorney. Together, we will ensure that your magical brand is protected and totally off limits to lurking copycats! 


Here’s a little story about how I got here. While I was an undergraduate student at St. John’s University in New York, I started a t-shirt line. I  knew nothing about intellectual property protection back then and every attorney I reached out to was out of my price range. Without the proper protection, my brand was exposed to thieving copycats and eventually stolen! As a 19 year old sophomore in college, who was only making $7.85 per hour as a Student Office Assistant, I didn’t have the money to go after infringers and couldn’t afford to re-brand. I lost my brand to copycats! 


While I was heartbroken, this experience solidified my career path. This is when I knew that I wanted to work tirelessly to help creative people protect their creativity. Not only that, I wanted to ensure that legal services were accessible and manageable. 


I’ve been a creative entrepreneur many times over. Before becoming an attorney, I held managerial positions in marketing and branding, where I dedicated tremendous time and energy into developing brands that stand out and shine in the marketplace. I was also a dancer, choreographer, playwright and speech writer for over 20 years, and there was a lot that went into creating these memorable pieces. I’ve sat in audiences where portions of my speeches and plays were recited word for word without my permission. I will never forget how sick that would make me feel because my creative work would lose its value the more people just used it willy nilly without penalty.


Now that I am an attorney who practices intellectual property law, I am committed to ensuring that others never feel the pain that I felt. I will uniquely fuse my experience in branding, marketing and trademark law to develop tactical and wholistic brand protection strategies so that you can build your brand with confidence and scale with a peace of mind. 


  • I was raised on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.

  • I am a super huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • I love cooking! My favorite meals to cook are: curry chicken, brown stewed chicken, brown sugar lamb chop lollipops, garlic sweet chilli crab legs and oven-baked whole snapper. My nickname in the kitchen is "Chef Ozi.'

  • I love soca music. When Benjai said soca gives him powers, I felt that!

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