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My Eight (8) Life Lessons From Kobe Bryant

My idol & his daughter died and I’m devastated. If I am feeling like this, can you imagine their family and friends? I am heartbroken for them. 

Death is the only guarantee in life but, this seems incomprehensible. I pray for his family’s strength and overcoming. Nothing makes sense but I hope leaning on God will provide some light, guidance and protection. Kobe’s impact on my life transcends the fact that he was my favorite athlete ever. It’s his “mamba mentality” that won me over. Last year, I wrote “My Eight (8) Life Lessons from Kobe Bryant” in my journal and it pains me that I am now sharing under these circumstances: 

1) Dominate and WIN! Become obsessed with winning and be relentless & meticulous with your pursuit and preparation.

2) Be a different animal but the same beast in order to win in every act. The pursuit of multiple endeavors may require you to tap into various skills and qualities, but in whatever you do- do it well and be the best. Kobe won in his First and Second Act. He died as a 5- Time NBA Champion and an Oscar Award Winner!

3) Missed shots are necessary. As a child I cried when Kobe threw up 4 airballs in Utah in 1997. I guess I was experiencing second hand embarrassment and knew that 10 year old me was about to be the center of ridicule when I next see my friends. However, in my view these missed shots are a part of his legacy. Where do you go from there? You become one of the greatest ever!

4) Your goals are yours. Forget the naysayers in the peanut gallery. Kobe was often ridiculed and deemed delusional for wanting to be like Michael Jordan. I used to be fuming mad at commentators. His scouting report out of high school stated that “he didn’t have the ball-handling and shooting skills to become an effective guard.” He wrote his own story and retired as one of the best shooting guards ever! 

5) Demand excellence from those around you. Kobe was often deemed a “harsh teammate” because he demanded excellence at all times. When it comes to winning, you need “A” players on your team. As a leader, you must find ways to empower your team members to be their best selves individually in order to be the best collectively.

6) Your work ethic can separate you from those who are equally talented.

7) Let your haters be your motivators. In life, we all have “haters,” many times these are persons who are merely envious of your greatness. Nobody is hating on the guy who sits at the end of the bench. It’s always the stars! Kobe embraced hostility; always going for the dagger clutch shot that could leave an arena filled with 20,000 persons silent.

8) Seek knowledge from the greats! We all need mentors. The greatest wisdom is gained from those who have walked the path. They may offer different perspectives and invaluable ingredients for concocting the recipe that defines your success.  The passing of Kobe & Gianna has been extremely rough. Sometimes our idols seem omnipotent and then, we are reminded that we are all mere mortals. We have one shot at this thing called life. Just one shot! Be a good human. Spread love. Forgive quickly. Make it great. 💜💛

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